Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Three's Company at Hylands House

"Tongue; well that's a very good thing when it ain't a woman's ..."
Into the Drawing Room sweep three ladies, bringing with them the cream of Dickens' sixteen hundred characters, from Fagin to Miss Havisham, scattering choice quotations and loose pages from Bentley's Miscellany.
In a delicious entertainment, we hear a willing Barkis woo Peggoty by proxy, Mrs Nickleby musing on roast pig, and Mrs Jarley showing her wax-works to Little Nell.
A bibulous Sarey Gamp sets out her terms, Fanny Squeers has palpitations over Nickleby's legs, so straight, so strong, and little David Copperfield is swindled out of ale, chops and custard pudding by William the waiter at the White Hart in Yarmouth.
Three very talented actresses bring the novels to richly illustrated life – like Dickens' own public performances, these are no mere readings. Changing hats, coats, canes and weskits, they become the colourful characters we know and love. Most especially enjoyable, perhaps, the pompous, amorous Bumble in Mrs Corney's parlour, sipping sweet tea and stealing a kiss.

"Three's Company" – Diana Bradley, Sue Donald and Jan Ford – regularly perform to raise money for charities. This performance was given for The Friends of Hylands House.

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Barbara said...

Loved it - well chosen extracts beautifully performed.

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