Monday, October 18, 2010

Come and sing” with Trinity Methodist Drama

In the wake of last year's Pirates: The Gondoliers – staged from scratch last Saturday in a most enjoyable community singing event.
The 'Wesleyan Methodists' get a very sniffy mention in the libretto, but at Trinity, the church was transformed to welcome the Venetian Savoyards, with flags, bunting and gondola mooring posts.
Key to the success of the day were the “friendly chorus” - the ranks of contadine [almost four-and-twenty] and gondoliers began rehearsal after lunch, and after tea were joined by a hand-picked cast of principal singers. “Dance a Cachucha” used the forces well, summoning up a world of warm Italian sunshine.
Vocally, the regal quartet – Marco, Giuseppe, Tessa, Giannetta – were outstanding, as were the upstairs/downstairs couple of Luis and Casilda. Dramatically, I liked the ill-matched Duke and Duchess, and the practised urbanity of Don Alhambra.
The post-haste production was directed, with infectious enthusiasm and a firm hand, by Felicity Wright. And a genial Tim Carey presided over the “full band” - pianoforte, with tambourines and military drum for colour.

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