Sunday, July 22, 2012


Little Waltham Drama Group at the Memorial Hall

Lingerie party plans are big business – KnixKnaxKnox in Stoke, Aphrodyte in Mold, and in Little Waltham last week, Lady Lace: "Rain, snow, sleet or storm, Lady Lace will keep you warm" – these fictional, and very flimsy, scanties would struggle in our climate.

This short comedy – often done as a one-acter – provided some super opportunities for girl talk, seized enthusiastically by the cast, especially Karen Allan as the man-hungry Carole, Kim Travell as the dowdy doormat who, to no-one's surprise, is transformed by Dawn's undies and a major makeover, and Vicky Weavers as the heartless Jessica. Julie Cole was the rep; like the others she loosened up as the Liebfraumilch flowed, and the sherry, and the pea pod wine ...

The token man – butt of much sexist banter – was Ken Little's Rex, with excellent comic timing.

The suburban snobbery puts this piece firmly into Abigail's Party territory – just the Demis Roussos and the olives missing – and, although it's not a period piece, it did feel strangely dated, with its references to Dennis Healey and Ex-Lax.

But the party-plan scene is ripe for sending up, and this production, directed by Kathy Jiggins and Viv Abrey, provided much uncomplicated fun for the loyal audience, and for the cast, too, no doubt.

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