Saturday, September 04, 2010

Latchingdon Arts and Drama Society at The Tractor Shed

No “auto-tune” in evidence here – and only the most rudimentary sound re-inforcement.
The “strange journey” through the musical comedy canon began with Rocky Horror – lively gothy punks tapping and Time-Warping.
We also visited Fame, Footloose, Funny Girl and the Fandango Ballroom for a nice sequence from Sweet Charity, including smoke and silhouettes for Big Spender, an excellent Something Better trio and a hippy Sixties Rhythm of Life. A welcome drop of nostalgia with Bosom Buddies [from Mame], but also bang up-to-date with Legally Blonde – pink divas squealing Omigod You Guys – and Avenue Q, featuring some very impressive puppets and a cameo from the show's tireless MD Kris Rawlinson.
In the first half we had Dorothy and some cute Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz, and in the second, the phenomenally successful Wicked. I imagine its success is not down to the quality of its melodies, but this young company brought boundless energy [and a unicycle] to the stage to suggest the spectacular style of the original.
Two 'front-cloth' items while the chorus changed. If they'd been listed in the programme I would have thought only a madman would try to recreate two classic routines forever linked with their creators. But Jake the Peg and Tommy Cooper's “Hats” sketch both worked surprisingly well, painstakingly reconstructed and confidently delivered.
ShowHits 2010 was directed by Cathy Hallam with Mandi Tickner, and the choreography was by Vicki Bird, assisted by Vicky Cumbers.
photos by Sethski Woolf

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