Thursday, March 11, 2010


Chelmsford Ballet Company at the Civic Theatre


Mozart, Weber, Strauss – Cinderella has danced to them all. Nowadays Prokofiev is the default composer, so it was good to hear a Glazunov score for this colourful and original version.

The music was arranged for BalletMet in 2002; this was not their ballet, but a new interpretation by Annette Potter, who also choreographed and directed.

The whole thing seemed fresh and lively. I loved the Step Sisters [Harriet Austin and Nicole Gadbury], the despair of Father [John Richardson], as they flounced and pouted like the spoilt offspring of a rock star, often on pointe, always amusing, especially in the dancing lesson with Andrew Potter.

The mice were smartly attired, and always a-quiver. They were key, with the corps de ballet, to the transformation; the way the dancers in front reflected the movement of the coach was magical.

Rachel Watson was impressive as the Fairy Godmother, and it was good to see Mandev Sokhi back as the Prince, and Lucy Durno in the title role. She was a feisty Cinders. Her Act One solo was touching and beautifully danced, as was the Act Two solo when she remembers dancing with the Prince. Other highlights were the Pas de Cinq when she clearly relished being the belle of the ball, and the human clock for the midnight hour.

Cinderella, Father and the Step Sisters at Ingatestone Hall - photgraphy by Tony Cockrell and Rod Tinseley

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