Thursday, October 11, 2012


BOSSY at the Brentwood Theatre

Carmen Jones, Miss Saigon, Rent, they've all been pinched from the Met and bastardised for Broadway. None, perhaps, as shamelessly as this reworking by Elton John and Tim Rice, a long way after Giuseppe Verdi.

Elton's melodies are not especially memorable, so it was lucky they were so well served by these young singers, leading ladies especially. Chloe Rickenbach was strong in the title role, with Rosie Tooze-East on superb vocal form as her shallow, fashion-plate rival, the Princess Amneris.

The ensemble numbers worked best dramatically, with some fine duets and an eloquent quartet ["Not Me"] for the two girls and Radames [a confident James Durowse – better in his many numbers than in the dialogue] and Mereb, given a promising performance by Jonathan O'Neill, who brought out the simple sincerity of the Nubian slave-boy.

The dialogue was sometimes hard to catch, and the chorus had few opportunities to shine, though the bathrobe number was amusing, and I think Verdi might have approved of the rousing nationalistic chorale which is the climax to Act I.

The design was striking, though the scene changes sometimes seemed awkward, and there were some magnificent costumes – I liked the subdued russet tones for the captives.

Aida was directed for BOSSY by Gaynor Wilson; Andy Prideaux was the Musical Director.


Anonymous said...

Michael Indeed the leading ladies were excellent in BOSSY's AIDA with Rosie Tooze-East adding another singing dimension. What tallent we have in Brentwood >>>>.from Dood

Chris said...

The whole performace was truly brilliant, i enjoyed ever second of it. Chloe Rickenbach was particuarly exceptional in her role as Aida. What really stood out for me though was the indeed incredible vocals provided by Rosie Tooze-East, I was inspired from the second she began to sing.
From Chris

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