Saturday, August 04, 2012


Little Waltham

Gavin Wilkinson's West End Workshops provide a unique opportunity for young performers to work with professionals from today's musical theatre.
No concessions are made for youth or inexperience; no prisoners are taken.
Sunday's showcase began with Lost and Found – intense movement from a strong posse of young men, matched later by the girls, then the youngsters.
Helen Siveter, from the We Will Rock You company, brought us an edgy vitality in One Vision, with solos from Ollie Fox and Chester Lawrence. Alice Masters and Laura Messin duetted brilliantly in a number from Wicked, working with Stevie Tate Bauer; Rebecca Louis, a member of the last London Cats cast, developed an energetic Jellicle Cats, and Matthew Clark [Matilda] produced some off-the-wall choreography for Revolting Children.
All the numbers were delivered with confidence and admirable discipline, none more so than the finale, Cat and the Moon, involving all forty performers and developed in collaboration with them by Mr Wilkinson himself, who spent eighteen months in the West End Lord of the Rings.
His dance captain and right-hand woman for this week's workshops was Liz Pilgrim.

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