Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Greville Players at the Three Horseshoes

This wonderful old-fashioned pub, with its glorious garden, was the setting for an enjoyable evening's entertainment on the topic of growing old.
First, two monologues by Ned Hopkins. “Ted”, a sentimental story with a twist of the sort you used to be able to sell to women's magazines, with Rodney Foster as a retirement home resident who keeps his secrets in a trunk. And “Maggy”, a much more engaging piece about a prim Scottish widow who ventures into Jenner's looking for Heather Honey and finds more than she expected. Beautifully played by Jenny Francis; although we do meet Drummond Braithwaite, “glorious nut sundae” Tino is more successfully left to the imagination …
After the interval [home-made cakes and Saffron Ale] we had an opened-out version of Joyce Grenfell's classic A Terrible Worrier [the one about the rabbit], performed with impeccable comic timing by Rita Vango. And finally, to the obvious delight of the audience [all of us chuckling away in recognition], a delicious selection box of one-liners, aphorisms and inbox memes, delivered from the dayroom of the Dr Watson Retirement Holme, punctuated by tea, physical jerks and RenĂ©e & Renato, and all put together by the director [and “Vera”] Jan Ford.

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