Saturday, March 15, 2014



Writtle Cards at the Village Hall

Two snippets from Wales's premier playwright, Frank Vickery, both featuring family life and false locks, both directed by Liz Curley.

The earlier piece, written in the 80s, when you could still get a shampoo and set for £8, takes place in a pigeon-fancier's front room, full of clutter and toot [set by Pete Goodwin].
Doreen [a convincing Jodee Goodwin] wants her folks out of the way for when her darling Lollipop [Chris Rogerson] calls for an evening of passion with his Dumpling, but the best-laid bath-night plans … Dai Pigeon was played by Nick Caton, his missus, twice taken by surprise, was amusingly done by Sharon Goodwin.

The later, shorter and much funnier “Split Ends” featured another Welsh matriarch, excellently portrayed, with killer comic timing, by Paulette Harris, with that seasoned farceur Daniel Curley strong in support as her flatulent, follically-challenged Cyril. Love's young dream this time played by Toby Harris and Louise Burtenshaw. It was clear from the opening tableau – ironing stage left, legs akimbo stage right, both sporting horrendous hairpieces – that we were in for a farcical ride. The audience loved it all, dead cats, cross-dressing, pickled onions, black-face and Ninja Turtle napkins.

The Welsh accents were assumed with varying success, but, as usual at CARDS productions, there was an impressive auditorium display [Clare Williams] and Welsh Cakes to scoff in the interval ...

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