Friday, March 20, 2015



Infant Music Festival at Christ Church


This amazing festival is well into its second half-century. Those original infants will be approaching retirement by now …
But it shows no sign of slowing up. This year, hundreds of year 2 children from thirty schools came together in six performances, all directed by the infectiously enthusiastic Jill Parkin, with Susannah Edom-Baker at the piano.
This year's piece was The Litter Muncher, a “rubbish” musical by Niki Davies. Sharing the stage with four brightly coloured wheely bins, against a lovely backdrop by Writtle children, a host of mixed infants – from Our Lady Immaculate, Broomfield, Chancellor Park, Newland Springs and Tyrrells. They would be villagers, mayor, narrator, dancers and the Yellow Litter Muncher in this eco-fable, as well as playing recycled percussion – tin can maracas, chocolate tub drum.
Highlights in a packed half-hour were the stomp dancers with dustpans and brushes, mops and buckets, and the catchy theme song, Big Red Dustbin.

And all those proud parents and carers could take away with them, not just an important Green message, but sacks and bags for their own rubbish recycling, thanks to Chelmsford City Council, who've been working with the schools throughout this project.

photograph © Essex Chronicle

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