Sunday, November 20, 2011


BOSSY at Brentwood Theatre

This tongue-in-cheek, slightly subversive musical homage to the cult film, is perennially popular.

BOSSY's version, in the cosy confines of Brentwood Theatre, was entertaining throughout, with a talented team of soloists, and some excellent work from the chorus. The chilling Finale Ultimo, with cloned carnivorous plants invading the auditorium, was a nice touch to end with.

Gaynor Wilson's production had a nicely designed shop for the hapless Mushnik [well characterized by Marcus Durowse] and an instantly evocative fire hydrant not so sure about the backcloth, though. But the plants [by Theatre Props, Leicester], the squat, fat, middle-sized one, and the amazing tentacled monster, were superb, and expressively voiced by Dan Glock.

The young lovers were outstanding Ross Llewellyn the nerdy, speccy Seymour, and Amy Wenham a delicate, tender Audrey. Her dastardly dentist, dismembered and fed to the voracious plant, was Curtis Brown.

The three close-harmony trios [Chiffons, Crystals and Ronettes] beautifully gowned were imaginatively used, and I liked the backing vocals from the wings.

Musically, highlights included Seymour's duet with Audrey II, and Audrey I's wistful Somewhere That's Green, reprised movingly for her final selfless sacrifice. The MD was Andy Prideaux.

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