Monday, September 22, 2014

THINGS TO COME - JUMP and you’ll get there

JUMP and you’ll get there
15th-18th October 2014 in Chelmsford Cathedral

A new play by Alison Woollard to celebrate the centenary of Chelmsford Cathedral and Diocese

Composer and lyricist, Katie Miller

JUMP tells the story of the hundred years since the Diocese of the Chelmsford was created and St Mary’s, at the top of the High Street, became its Cathedral.

Music, song and drama show how the clergy and congregation responded to the challenges which faced them in serving the population of Essex and east London and turning a parish church into a Cathedral.

Why was a new diocese needed ? How was St Mary’s chosen as the cathedral ? Over a hundred years huge changes face the people who work and worship there: two world wars, the needs of London over the Border, the education of young people, the role of women and the use of the Cathedral itself.

Our title comes from the Rt Rev Henry Wilson who was bishop during World War Two. They sum up the courage and the optimism of all the people whose efforts created the Diocese and Cathedral.

A cast of over 30 comes from the Cathedral, local drama groups and the Cathedral School.

Jump and you’ll get there - 15th-18th October 2014
in Chelmsford Cathedral

Wed-Fri 7.30pm, Sat 7.00pm

Tickets £12 (£6 for under 18s)
Available from  01245 256042  -  6.30pm-8.30pm

Booking is now open - because of the unique performance space the director has chosen within the Cathedral, only 100 seats are available for each performance.
More details on the Cathedral's website

Picture shows Helen Clothier and Esme Hillier, two of the "Women of Chelmsford" in one of the musical numbers from the show.

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