Saturday, September 13, 2014


at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

It's a long way from The Quiet Man to Game of Thrones, but here we have the chiselled features and sexy tones of Connor Delaney playing amongst many other roles, Wee Mickey, the last surviving extra on that classic John Ford movie.
Director Ian MacIlhenny is a Game of Thrones veteran too, but more importantly was responsible for the first ever Stones in His Pockets, nearly twenty years ago.
Like Bouncers, or Woman in Black, it's become a classic, at least in part because of the virtuoso performances it demands of its two actors. Delaney, and Stephen Jones [yet to appear in Game of Thrones] are wonderfully contrasted, and bring us in quick succession, a gallery of memorable characters, brought together in County Kerry. They switch voice and physique in an instant, turning, one walking behind the other, nipping into the wings for a swift costume change.
A quiet backwater has been invaded by a Hollywood blockbuster, with its flaky star, phlegmatic director, security, dialogue coach, and intern. Not to mention the cast of thousands, including Jake and Charlie, the two extras at the heart of this hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking, look at fame, fortune and the dream factory.
This is a warm, hugely enjoyable theatrical experience, easy to enjoy on many levels and on repeated viewings. Chelmsford was their first UK port of call – they're on the road now well into November !

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