Monday, June 23, 2014


The Unremarkable Death Of Marilyn Monroe
Friday 27 June 8.00pm
Cramphorn Theatre

Dyad Productions, the company that brought to the Cramphorn Studio stage Female Gothic, I, Elizabeth, The Diaries of Adam and Eve and Austen’s Women returns with The Remarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe on Friday 27 June.

August 2nd, 1962… Monroe as we’ve never seen her before: alone in her bedroom in a dressing gown and underwear; no glitz, no glamour, no masks. Overdosed on pills, the woman behind the icon unravels her remarkable life and travels back through the memories of her closest relationships. Repeatedly stalked by a mysterious caller, the Hollywood icon tells all (Joe DiMaggio, Clark Gable, Arthur Miller, her mother – it’s all here), revealing a biting intelligence and an imperfect body, and leads us in real time to the very moment of her death.

Previous works, Austen’s Women and I, Elizabeth were five-star successes at Edinburgh and Adelaide in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, with The Diaries of Adam and Eve and Female Gothic garnering five-star reviews at Edinburgh 2011 and 2012, respectively. 

The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe is written and directed by Elton Townend Jones (writer/performer: The Diaries of Adam and Eve, script editor: Female Gothic, writer: Cutting the Cord for Flying Eye), performed by Lizzie Wort (Animal Farm – Guy Masterson/TTI; The Magician’s Daughter – RSC/Little Angel Theatre) and produced by Rebecca Vaughan (writer/performer: Austen’s Women, I, Elizabeth, Female Gothic, performer: The Diaries of Adam and Eve).

Peter Lawford, Bobby Kennedy, Clarke Gable, Liz Taylor, Lawrence Olivier, Joan Crawford, plus several other actors from Hollywood’s supposed golden era get cited with varying degrees of warmth & coolness. Marilyn’s commentary on the behind the scenes goings on is delivered with equal measure of sharp humour and misery. Marilyn’s marriages to Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, Jim Dougherty, their very different set-ups and her role within them play a crucial part in this unique entertainment.

Tickets are £14.50 and concessions £13.00. To book tickets visit or call the Box Office on 01245 606505. 

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