Monday, May 19, 2008


Trinity Methodist Drama at the Civic Theatre


Trinity have been bringing operetta to the Civic Stage for thirty years. This latest revival of the Sorcerer boasted excellent singing, a polished pit orchestra, beautiful costumes, an imposing set and plenty of pyrotechnics.

Acting was less strong, with some notable exceptions, including director Tony Brett as the deaf old notary. The other star turn was Adam Sullivan, as the huckster of the title. Although by no means the most experienced member of the cast, he is clearly steeped in the Savoyard tradition, and gave a great character performance as well as handling the vocal part with some skill.

Janet Moore was Lady Sangazure, delivering her numbers beautifully, including a lovely new setting of In Days Gone By. Daniel Owers was a smart suitor to Beverley Lockyer's Aline, and Elizabeth Kent was Constance, again very assured in her solo work. The old fogey parson was nicely sung by Gary Griffiths.

The ensemble was well managed, [the Act One finale, the quintet in Act Two] and the Curtain Call was a triumph of staging. But elsewhere there was “maddening inaction”, and this, combined with the philtre plot [which Sullivan loathed], meant that this was not quite vintage Trinity.

The MD was Gerald Hindes, keeping the show moving with sprightly tempi, and a lovely oom-pah overture.

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