Sunday, April 24, 2016



The Basildon-based Thalians are on tour in May with 'The Hothouse,'
or 'The challenge of Pinter in the basement or the upstairs room of a pub' 
or 'Anywhere we can perform that doesn't entail re-mortgaging our houses.' 
The play is set in a state-run sanatorium where the patients are possibly political dissidents although, as with most Pinter plays, times and places are vague and the usual menacing comedy lurks in the language like a dark stalker. What is clear is that the unchecked state power is corrupt and that a casual inhumanity makes for a searing comic indictment of institutional bureaucracy with all its power struggles or as Simon Russell Beale put it, "the madness of self-contained community." 

I saw Russell Beale in a similarly intimate production three years ago.
The Thalians hope to be presenting a highly entertaining and thought provoking play for a wider audience with an entrance fee as affordable and as darkly rich as a box of Black Magic - on special offer!

Dates in May are 

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th at The Swan, Horndon - on - the - Hill.
Thursday 12th and Friday 13th at Saks Bar, Southend.
Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th at The Ship, Old Leigh.

Starting at 8 pm

Tickets are £5 and you can book by phoning 01268 417854

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