Tuesday, April 12, 2016



at the Civic Theatre


As its name suggests, not just a tribute show, but a stage biog of the legendary duo from Queens.
The two actors who play the leads – at this performance we saw Gregory Clarke and Joe Sterling - tell the story of Paul and Art, from their earliest rock'n'roll incarnation as Tom and Jerry through the albums to the parting of the ways and their separate solo careers, with the Central Park reunion saved for the big finish. Bridge Over Troubled Water, and last of all, The Boxer. Vocal styles, microphone technique and even body language are uncannily recreated, with excellent support from the onstage band of Adam Smith, keyboards and lead guitar, Leon Camfield, bass, and Josh Powell, drums. Though occasionally lyrics – I Am A Rock - are lost to intrusive percussion. The staging is simple – this is a tour of one-night-stands – but projected images and videos serve as a reminder of the originals and the era in which they performed. Strawberry Fair, for instance, is counterpointed with images of the Vietnam War.
Even that memorable night in Central Park is thirty-five years ago now, and the Sound of Silence has just chalked up its half-century. It would be nice to think that a new generation might discover these singer-songwriters through this show, with its generous serving of timeless classics authentically performed with style and passion.

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