Friday, February 06, 2009


JR was at Chelmsford Cathedral

Since its renovation I had never been lucky enough to hear the cathedral organ. And where better to hear an organ 
in all its glory ?

Robert Smith, Director of Music at Eastcheap's St Mary-at-Hill and Assistant Director of Music at St Michael, Cornhill had chosen a contrasting programme to show off both organ and his mastery of it.

To query where 45 minutes went merely reflects what an excellent selection of music we were offered, by composers from the 18th century through to modern day. Naji Hakim's 'Ses traits sont des traits de feu' would not have been out of place as atmospheric theme music to a Harry Potter film. This was followed by Frank Bridge's 'Three Pieces' which showed off the organ to its fullest extent. 

There can be very few people who are unfamilar with the Widor Toccata, used so often at weddings. As 'Grand Finale' to the concert we were treated to two pieces from his Symphony no 6 in G Minor, no less impressive in its grandeur. In places the adagio reminded me of waves on a beach, where the sound ebbed and then flowed back to full volume. The Finale was a raise-the-roof piece that left everyone pleased that they had braved the cold and a none-too-warm cathedral.

Should ever you see that Robert Smith is giving a recital then you should beg, borrow or steal a ticket - a true artist at the organ keyboard.

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