Saturday, September 10, 2016



Brentwood Theatre


The auditorium was packed solid for the 20th annual Brents Awards ceremony.
Hopeful nominees – many groups taking a whole table – cheered and applauded as the winners picked their way, Oscars-style, to the stage to receive the coveted engraved glass award.
Amongst those honoured, three excellent dramas: Female Transport from New Venture Players [best design of a play] The Thrill of Love from Kytes Theatre Group [best supporting actress – Josie Bruty, best actress – Romy Brooks and best production] and My Boy Jack from The Hutton Players [best supporting actor – Ben Sylvester, best actor – William Wells]
Musical theatre successes included Shenfield Operatic's Jekyll and Hyde [best supporting actress – Kate Smith, best actor – David Pridige] and Brentwood Operatic Society's The Wiz [best musical].
Youth companies were strongly represented, with no fewer than eleven group and individual nominations, including Vivid's High School Musical, Horizons' Blood Wedding, BOSSY's 13, and sweeping the board, the memorable Into the Woods from Firebirds [best youth performance – Fleur Sumption, best design, most imaginative costume, best supporting actors - Tom Carswell and Seb Mayo, best actress – Charlotte Rayner, and, joint winners of the Mary Redman Award – Charlotte Rayner and Kate Claussen].

And, worthy winner of the Jo Stoneham 'unsung backstage hero' award, Joy Beyerman, for more than forty years unstinting service to Brentwood Operatic.

nominations in full here

photograph: Chris Cook, Brentwood Gazette

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