Friday, January 23, 2015


Blackmore Players at the Village Hall

An unusual panto, and a production which celebrates the local Blackmore community, with lots of name-checks [Budgen's, anyone ?] and disparaging references to the bigger, uglier towns surrounding it.
It's unpredictable fun, too, with BoPeep's sheep unmasked as spies and the big bad Wolf a cuddly vegetarian, appealingly played by Linda Raymond.
There are familiar panto favourites – a black-hearted villain from melodrama [Keith Goody], a thigh-slapping Prince [Charley Magee], a charming heroine [Juliet Ware as Little Miss Hood herself] and a glamorous granny as the Dame [Patrick Magee].
Not to mention a surprise late arrival by Santa [Steve Hanning], bringing sweeties for all and some lovely one-liners.
Director Lisa Mathews provides some nice production numbers, a popular audience song and a splendid Anything Goes finale, with choreography by Rosemarie Nelson and MD Shirley Parrott at the piano.

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