Monday, August 05, 2013


Footsbarn at Shakespeare's Globe

An enthralling, magical Tempest "with a strong flavour of Kerala" from India via France and Portugal . A huge tent billows in the breeze from the river – its flimsy fabric will later make a mechanical dissolve from one scene to the next.
The storm gently rocks the little shadow boat; there are puppets, rush baskets, swirling smoke, a rainy storm cloud on a stick, a bird monster and a glorious goddess.
The acting company is eclectic – the noblest Prospero I have ever seen [Reghoothaman Domodaran Pillai ], a French Ferdinand – "D'où vient cette musique ?" [Haris 'Haka' Resic ], a mischievous Ariel – part Shakespearean servant, half temple dancer, [Gopalakrishnan Kundamkumarath]  and a blunt London Caliban from Artistic Director Paddy Hayter.
And Caliban is key to this intriguing production. As the Magician, candle-crowned, leaves the island, the indigenous thing of darkness is left with the undrowned book. Nervous of its power, he sets fire to the pages as the play ends.

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