Thursday, May 24, 2012


Trinity Methodist Music and Drama at the Civic Theatre

A punchy, polished revival of a rather tired show, with too many so-so songs. And this new version has not improved it much – I used rather to like the old Military Canal.
But it was clear from Kipps' first entrance – stepping shyly into the spotlight to tell us his story and paint us the pictures – that this was a production that would draw us in and keep us entertained.
Toby Holland was the draper in question – rather fresh-faced to convince as the oldest apprentice in the business, but a very engaging all-rounder. His childhood sweetheart, who comes to find him in the wilds of Folkestone, was superbly played by Charlotte Reed. They headed a large cast, notable for including many new faces, and for being impressive in depth, from the Walsingham family right down to the deckchair man cum photographer.
I liked Joe Gray's left-wing apprentice, and Tony Brett's bibulous Chitterlow. The skinflint Shalford was given the full Dickensian treatment by Trinity stalwart Tony Court.
Beautifully dressed – in the Floral Hall especially – the chorus sang and moved with style and energy. The musical director was Gerald Hindes, the production was by Cathy Court, and the set design – a simple sixpence sliced in two – was by Paul Lazell.

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