Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Harry Christophers and The Sixteen at St Alban's

The second stopping place on their 2012 Choral Pilgrimage – the tomb of Saint Alban, first English Martyr.

Their music this year is from Flanders, with works from Lassus and Josquin, and from Brumel, whose "Earthquake Mass" was the revelation of the evening.  Set for twelve voices, its bold effects rival the wow factor of Tallis's much more famous Spem in Alium.
Needless to say, the singers of The Sixteen [up to twenty fielded in this year's pilgrimage] gave it a superb outing – alas, only the Gloria and the Sanctus – sublime phrasing which filled the ancient nave.

Lassus, who championed Brumel in his time, provided some sublime effects of his own, notably in the expressive chromaticism of the Timor et Tremor.

picture taken from my seat in the South Aisle

Ivan Hewett was there for The Telegraph

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