Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tomorrow's Talent Juniors at the Cramphorn Theatre

Despite the Pussycat Dolls title, the emphasis of this slick, enjoyable showcase was firmly on the kids here and now.
Starting with ragged urchins from Oliver and Les Mis, the huge cast filled the Cramphorn stage with colourful routines, energetically directed by Gavin Wilkinson. A costume change, and they were back for Monster Mash, My Fair Lady and The King and I, all done to powerful backing tracks.
There was drama too, notably the touching scene from David Campton's Split Down the Middle, with nicely contrasting characters from Giselle Byron and Kirstin Allen [Sophie Weatherhead and Annabella Saward in the “Hollywood” cast].
I also enjoyed the dialogue from A Proper Little Nooryeff, with Emma Shorey frustrated by William Keeler's lack of commitment to dance [Joseph Bennett and Olivia Hendrick for the matinée]; followed, cleverly, by Electricity, written for that other ballet boy, Billy Elliot. No dance moves for William here, though he more than compensated with his contribution to the stunning finale.
This is the first time the juniors have had the limelight to themselves in the Cramphorn – invaluable performance experience for these enthusiastic young people.
The seniors will be strutting their stuff next door at the Civic, where Our House, the Madness musical, runs from the 20th to the 23rd of July.

production photographs 

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