Saturday, October 09, 2010


at the Civic Theatre


This is the 10th anniversary season of the Shakespeare  Schools – 650 schools taking the stage, in 80 theatres, form St Andrews to St Austell.
The Civic hosted four comedies. Brentwood School's As You Lie It started strongly, with a big black-clad cast typing away. Josie Evans' Seven Ages was impressively interpreted in tableaux, and four couples found love in a parasol Arden. Megan Denny was a pert Rosalind, her Orlando confidently portrayed by Josh Thomas.
Colourful Tudor costumes for Sandon's Dream, though plastic chairs and leaden paraphrase were less authentic. A strong cast included Kallum Delf's Weaver, Helen Dennett's perplexed Hermia, and Andrew Steel's amazing Oberon, bringing real enchantment to the Athenian wood. The Fairies' song used dance very effectively.
Much Ado, in 90s night-club style, was the Plume School's contribution - I Like to Move It, Move It – and indeed the stylish movement, expressive but disciplined, was excellent.
Maya Tucker and Sam Rhodes were Beatrice and Benedick, and there were many other outstanding performances, including Georghe Basham's Borachio and Dogberry's watch.
A package tour to Ephesus from The Boswells School, with brilliant costumes and some good choral speaking. The Antipholus twins were Daniel Struthers and Robert Turk, their girly Dromios Laura Marshall and Charlotte Wright. 

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