Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Mikado
Trinity Music & Drama
Civic Theatre
12th May 2010
Jim Hutchon was at the Civic ...
Director Eric Smart’s lavish production of the Mikado relied mostly on the strengths of the original Savoy production for its effects. And what superb effects they were. Trinity, well known for its G&S productions, pulled out all the stops to create the stunningly-dressed operetta which tells the story of a star-crossed love affair between a ‘wandering minstrel’ and the young ward of a tailor.
Adam Sullivan – Nanki-Poo - was the minstrel, a trained singer with a beautifully edged, bright tenor which rattled off the back of the auditorium. His love – Felicity Wright - used her rich, rounded tones as the perfect complement to her ‘lover’. Nicholas Clough was Lord High Everything Else, Pooh-Bah, who brought the paradoxes so beloved of Sullivan into focus with a beautifully modulated baritone and a droll delivery. Acting plaudits must go to Tony Brett, as Ko-Ko, who, with a natural comic sense and pin-sharp timing, clowned his way and really got the near-capacity audience on his side throughout the action.
As far as I could see, microphones were not used, and the orchestra under musical director Gerald Hines kept up a highly-professional accompaniment, staying in perfect balance with the voices. All in all, a real pleasure.

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