Monday, November 30, 2009


Maddermarket Theatre Norwich


Perhaps it had something to do with the cut of his trousers. Andy Adams' “Herr Issyvoo” was never remotely convincing as the beachcomber of the big city [30s Berlin]. Hard to understand what Sally Bowles saw in this annoying, podgy little prat.
Jo Sessions played the nervy nightclub singer – an affecting portrait of a little girl lost, quaffing champagne as the Jews were routed, but touching as she talked of the child she lost.
The Berliners were all very convincing: James Sadler as Fritz, Etta Geras as the landlady Fraulein Schneider, and Natascha Purwin outstanding as the Jewess Natalia.
Rob Morris's production made the most of this wordy play, but I was surprised that even on the last night a couple of sound cues appeared to be late, Sally's picture was almost forgotten, and her negligee turned out to be a nightie. I liked some of the authentic music, too, very atmospheric, but the unfortunate inclusion of Liza Minelli only served to remind us how much better the musical [Cabaret] is than this play on which it was based. No Kit Kat Klub, not even a glimpse of the Lady Windermere. Just the dingy rented room which is first Isherwood's, then Sally's, then Isherwood's once more.

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