Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Animal Farm
Guy Masterson Productions
Cramphorn Theatre
22nd October 2009

Jim Hutchon was there for the Weekly News ...

This was a truly astonishing feat of theatre. One man, Gary Shelford, he of the super india-rubber body, was able to transform himself into any number of farm animals, and give really convincing representations of them all, from chickens to pigs to shire horses. With a few very effective sound effects, a stunning lighting scheme and a bale of hay on stage, Gary brought the full political significance of Orwell’s masterpiece to life.
The performance was full of almost balletic grace, combined with Gary’s natural story-telling ability, using Masterson’s perfectly-formed, pared down adaptation of the book. But none of the nuances were lost, the sly manipulation by the pigs, and their leader Napoleon, to position themselves in control, the cynical lies and spin brazenly broadcast, the discarding of the workers like Boxer, are all presented to replicate our world today, highlighting the genius foresight of the author.

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