Saturday, August 01, 2009


CYGAMS Summer School
at their Meteor Way HQ


This was Young Gen's 23rd
Summer School, an almost instant show which gives a large company a taste of the limelight, and two casts a chance to shine.

A week ago none of them knew which part they'd be playing. The lively, entertaining production we saw was achieved, unbelievably, in just five and a half days.

As director Ray Jeffery said, it's not just about learning theatre, it's about camaraderie and supporting each other.

The afternoon show went much more smoothly than anyone had the right to expect. Some of the lost boys [and girls] were only eight years old, for some this was their first proper show – a real baptism of fire.

Guy Sullivan characterised all his roles well, especially perhaps his Indian Chief, and Holly Escott made the most of Tinkerbell's wordless mime. Bart Lambert was a plummy Etonian Hook, swapping roles in the evening with his equally confident sidekick Starkey [Sam Toland]. Charlotte Broad brought poise and understanding to Wendy, and Catherine and Patrick Gray were the most convincing middle-class Edwardians. Henri de Lausun never missed a laugh as the non-conformist Smee.

Callum Crisell made Peter a somewhat troubled teen, but held the stage well and gave 110% to all his numbers.

Bryan Cass was the Musical Director, and this special adaptation of the 1954 classic was conceived and directed by Ray Jeffery.

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