Friday, July 17, 2009


Little Waltham Drama Group


Milton Keynes' answer to Hull Truck, Louise Roche's Girls' Night is a love letter to the girlie good times, dancing round the handbags and letting it all hang out in the world of Bouncer and Shakers.

The bouncers, the red plush, the tinsel curtain and the glitter ball all set the scene for the rather shallow plot and characterization, with the karaoke disco trash hits from the 70's an evocative soundtrack.

Julie Cole played angel Sharon, life and soul of the party till she fell off the back of a moped, but twenty years on still remembered by friends and enemies alike, but left drinking alone at the end. Lisa – I Will Survive - was feistily played by Kim Travell, and boring Kate, with her pearls and her handy car, was nicely observed by Jenny Broadway, who really came into her own with her drunken rendition of Cry Me A River: the best number of the evening.

Lovely comedy work from Susan Butler as flaky Anita, worrying about the rats in the cash chutes at work and behaving badly in the pizza parlour, and Jackie Crane as “up for it” Carol.

There was a mini chorus to help the party along, but the men were strictly confined to the wings and the doors.

Karen Wray and Kathy
Jiggins encouraged the cast to big up the girl talk and give their all in the karaoke; the set used detail effectively to set the scene: the bus, the pizza parlour and the inevitable ladies' room …

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