Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Flamenco at the Cramphorn


Sweltering Andalucian atmosphere in the Cramphorn for this well-attended first visit from London-based Flamenco outfit.

The authentic musicianship made for a very enjoyable couple of hours escapism. The guitarist was Steve Homes, whose solos were a triumph of technique and style. There was also an impressive percussionist, Demi Garcia Sabat, and two chaps who stood and clapped – the all-important rhythmic Palmas.

The soul of the group sat, though we sensed he would rather be strutting his stuff, and sang in that distinctive flamenco voice – No quiero tus besos – and dictated the frenetic pace of the footwork.

The dancer – could this have been La Morenita ?- appeared in four different dresses – black, red, blue and white – and pounded the tiny stage with incredible panache. And just for the encore, she was joined briefly by the inspirational singer.

I must have been the only layman in the packed auditorium, since no attempt was made at introducing the performers or their music. Essex On Tour, whose gig this was, hope to lure Sumaya back in the autumn. Perhaps they'd consider dropping the redundant compère, and investing in an A4 sheet of information.

Iguana (bulerias)

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