Thursday, March 20, 2008


Cramphorn Theatre


Hard to pigeon-hole Kinny Gardner. Trained as a dancer, studied Commedia and Kabuki, and here he is on a Thursday morning making a cat out of a dustpan for a delighted audience of children.

We began by sharing his Cinderella-themed playlist – including numbers I hoped I'd forgotten from the Ofarims and 60's superstar Mina.

Music was an important part of the show – Rossini remix, including a lovely Cat Duet – as was sign language. The pupils of Gosfield School who made up half the audience learned how to sign “Good Morning” and “audience” and even how to applaud in silence !

The show was beautifully designed in shades of grey, with bright colours for the transformation scene, and some superbly inventive ideas – the old boot and the old bag, the pram full of props, the T-shirt backdrop and the kitchen drawers. The favourite was the tiny puppet mouse, squeaking as it ran around.

This is a performer totally in command of his audience and of his material, resplendent in clown make-up and his very own glass slippers.

Krazy Kat are bringing another of their shows – Petrushka – to the Cramphorn in April. Deaf or Hearing, Young or Old, you really shouldn't miss it.

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